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The intention of the "Dessau Junkers Trail", along with this website, is to serve as both an orientation guide and a historical resource for knowledge regarding the architectural legacies left by Professor Hugo Junkers in the Dessau municipal area until the year 1935.
This is intended to commemorate a major part of German industrial history and his significance for the city extending to the present day. The objective is to protect the remaining witnesses of Hugo Junkers acts, their touristic development and their identity-forming effects for Dessau's citizens. The Junkers locations have been pooled into 18 "stations" and four categories but are described individually and can be found using GPS coordinates. The four colour-coded categories comprise the themes "Junkers Museum", "Junkers Research and Production Sites", "Junkers in Housing Developments" and "Junkers Steelworks and Building Services".
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We wish you an interesting visit to our website and the city of Dessau!

Professor Hugo Junkers

Hugo Junkers (3 February 1859 - 3 February 1935) was one of the most significant engineers, inventors and scientists of the 20th century. As an industrial entrepreneur with an international reputation, it was not only aeroplanes that provided both him and Dessau with major recognition in the 1920s. The name Hugo Junkers also stood for research and developments in the construction of engines using both light oil and heavy oil for vehicles, ships and aeroplanes. At the commencement of his successful enterprises, the production of gas-powered devices such as hot water flow-type calorifiers, cooking devices and heating appliances as well as instruments for measuring thermal energy. He set new standards with modern constructions in bridge building, industrial construction and house construction. He advertised his products in outstandingly designed advertising leaflets which were far ahead of their time. His research work in industrial design for household appliances as well as for kitchen and bathroom furnishings can still be applied today. During his lifetime, Hugo Junkers did his best to assess research and teaching, invention and experimentation as practically as possible. Every one of his actions was shaped by ethic and moral principles. Thanks to this typical scientific concept of Junkers, his factories were first and foremost sites for innovation. (See:

Junkers Trail locations

Junkers Trail locations

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Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers (Hugo Junkers Museum of Technology)

Junkers research and production sites

Junkers - in housing developments

Junkers steel construction and building services

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