Junkers research and production sites

The Junkerswerke built a centre for the most modern technology and scientific-technical research work. These included: Junkers & Co (1895), Kaloriferwerk Hugo Junkers (1908), Junkers Motorenbau (1913), Forschungs-Anstalt Prof. Junkers and Head Offices of the Junkerswerke (both 1915), Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG (1919), Junkers Kalorimeterbau (1921), Junkers Stahlbau (1926), Junkers Thermotechnik GmbH (1931). Production facilities in which high-quality products were manufactured that were sold across the globe.

  1. Junkers airfield as of 1925
  2. Steel experiment house
  3. Wind tunnel and compass compensating base
  4. Marine aerodrome
  5. Junkers & Co first factory building
  6. Centralwerkstatt (central works) and gasworks
  7. Junkers main office, on the square formerly known as Kaiserplatz
  8. Hugo Junkers Kaloriferwerk (calorifier factory)
  9. Junkers-Stahlbau (steel construction)
  10. Central training workshop
  11. Junkers & Co.
  12. Junkers engine manufacturing
  13. Junkers aircraft factory
  14. First Junkers airfield from 1916 to 1925

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