Former job centre Dessau

The inner handling in the shed construction of the historical job centre, means that the "floating" glass roof is clearly recognisable, 1929.

Former job centre Dessau, located on the south side of August-Bebel-Platz. The interesting Gropius round building - as the Dessau residents popularly called the historical job centre by Walter Gropius - which characterises the cityscape, was built in 1928/29. This was preceded by a national architecture competition, which was highly commended by the city. A steel skeleton construction with cladding made of clay coloured facing stones, was doubtless the most functional building that the Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius had designed until then. Its unusual steel construction allowed a special roof shape; sheds clad with glass fulfilled the purpose of lighting and ventilation, and gave the building the rational character of an industrial building. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Klingenberg, with a leading role at Junkers steel construction, calculated the statics of the building construction. Yet the artistic moment on this building, is shown in the optimum effect of the apparent floating, which is achieved by the transparency of the roof construction. Fitted with thermotechnology devices and a modern gravitational heater from the Junkers factory, this Bauhaus building shows the exemplary combination of architecturally decorative modernity, with innovative technology of that time.

The steel skeleton construction of the job centre in the building phase in 1928.

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