"Junkers town Dessau-West"

  1. 15.1. Location "digital sculpture"
  2. 15.2. Junkers-Kaloriferwerk and calorimeter building
  3. 15.3. Junkers-Stahlbau

15.1. Location "digital sculpture"

The "digital sculpture" has been part of the commemorative culture of the city of Dessau since 25.07.2016, and is part of the Junkers trail.

The "digital sculpture", design architect Dieter Bankert, is reminiscent of one of the most important creative places of Prof. Hugo Junkers, which was demolished between 2010 and 2012. At the site of the sculpture, which is made of fragments of the steel construction of the administration building of Kalorifer factory; the following companies were located: Junkers Kalorifer factory (founded in1908, in Dessau since1914), Junkers calorimetre (1921), Junkers-Stahlbau (1926) and the central apprenticeship training of the Junkers factories (1927). The technical equipment of the companies was used worldwide. People valued the modern Junkers technology, especially its high level of reliability and long lasting quality. Junkers steel constructions are still proving themselves today in Europe, Asia, North and South America. In the VEB Junkalor Dessau (1948-1990), combustion measurement devices, gas analysers, equipment for dynamic flow rate measurement and medical technology measurement devices of a world class standard, were built at the historical location.

15.2. Junkers-Kaloriferwerk and calorimeter building

Cöthener Str.27, 1928 Junkersstr.103, from 1948 Altener Str.43

Overall view Junkers Kaloriferwerk, later Junkalor Dessau, isometric graphic 1937. The administrative building of the company was the last building, which was built in line with the intentions of Prof. Hugo Junkers in Dessau, photo from 1976. It was demolished in November 2012.

Round arc hall for the Kaloriferwerk in raw construction, 1929. Steel skeleton of the administration building in the building phase 1935/36

15.3. Junkers-Stahlbau

Promotion and assembly presentation on Junkers steel slat construction, 1929.

Cöthener Straße, 1928 Junkersstr.103

Anhalt-Arena Dessau, a Junkers steel rod construction, modernised from 2000. Interior and exterior view of the sports hall.

These Dessau operations, which traded under the name "Hugo Junkers Werke GmbH München" in 1941, were subordinated to the German revision and trust public limited company of the Soviet occupation zone in 1946, on the instruction of the Soviet military administration of Germany (SMAG), and transferred into public ownership in1948.

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