Junkers glider hangar

Glider hangar in Junkers steel panel construction, design drawing

Junkers glider hangar, Bergens-Busch 4, in the district of Kleinkühnau. Originally built in 1929, on the edge of the landing strip to the north west of Junkers works airfield II, on Kühnauer Straße at the level of the prince's estate. The hangar, a Junkers steel slat construction with built on social rooms in Junkers steel panel construction, was a gift from Prof. Hugo Junkers to the three Dessau gliding associations, combined with an assistance programme for young unemployed people from the region, who were interested in flying. Users of the gliding hangar were the air sports associations:

Anhalt Association for Aviation, Junkers gliders, gliders of the technical schools.

Due to the national socialists seizing power in Germany in January 1933, serious changes took place. With the Enabling Act from 23 March 1933, step by step, all organisations and associations were "brought into line" or banned. The Dessau gliders also became subordinate to the centrally managed NS air sports association from 9 June 1933. In the course of the decision to expand the airfield, the gliding hangar was relocated, but without the extensions. The new location to the south west, on the edge of the district of Kleinkühnau was now apart from the airfield.

The flying club "Hugo Junkers" Dessau e.V., founded in 19 January 1990, used the listed Junkers glider hangar.

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