Junkers steel construction and building services

Junkers Stahlbau was a theoretical experimental and practical test field for numerous metal structures. It was here that prototypes of new steel structures for house, industrial and bridge construction. Research in the area of household technology led to the development of products that are a today an integral part of the modern world.

  1. Junkers tower block
  2. Bauhaus
  3. Master houses
  4. Knarrberg development
  5. Ziebigker School gymnasium and auditorium
  6. Kornhaus
  7. Kornhaus swimming facilities on the Elbe river
  8. Junkers Paddelgemeinschaft e.V. boathouse
  9. Residence at the corner of Ringstrasse and Bachstrasse
  10. "Café Altes Theater" and theatre mall
  11. Hotel Goldener Beutel
  12. Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte (Museum for Natural History and Prehistory)
  13. Employment office
  14. Waterworks
  15. Törten Bauhaus development
  16. Bauhaus pergola houses
  17. Junkers one-room house
  18. Pavilion at the tennis court
  19. Dessau gasworks conference centre
  20. Borchard office building and department store
  21. "SPUK" house
  22. Dessau co-op building
  23. "Dewog" buildings
  24. Round arch hall D 108
  25. Bergens-Busch glider hangar

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